Non Magnetic White Boards – Prima series



White Board non magnetic prima series ideal for regular and heavy usage


Please note boards are generally bulky in size so we despatch all of them through surface logistics that is by road for which it takes around 5-10 working days to reach you. please keep sufficient time in hand for ordering



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Product Description
  • Super White’ Writing Grade Hard Melamine Surface (Marker Sheet) as per IS:2046/1997. Cannot be Used For Sticking Magnets.
  • Satin-finish Alloy Aluminium Frame and Precision Engineered Paper Honeycomb Core to Make the Board Warp-free and 100% Flat
  • Excellent Erasibility with No Ghost-marks, High Scratch-resistance and Maximum Readability with Minimum Glare
  • Suitable for Use at Home, Offices and Schools. Works Well with Any Whiteboard Marker
  • Package Contents: 1 Non-magnetic Whiteboard and 4 Wall Mounting Clip Sets,



A step towards growth: Grow your business instantly with executive style writing/display boards, flipchart stands, podiums, display stands, easels and art accessories. The Nechams Systems Non-magnetic (Melamine) Whiteboard is the perfect solution for people that are looking for dry erase marker boards for use at home. However, these boards cannot be used for sticking notes, charts etc. with the help of magnets. These boards, in larger sizes, are perfect for use in schools as well offices. The Prima series boards, as the name suggests, are prime in every aspect of design. Made from thicker aluminium sections and corners, these are fit for heavy application in any environment. The Genius series boards consist of lighter corners and thinner frame sections, thus making the boards economical and worthy for a moderate application. All our boards are designed to provide excellent erasability, scratch-resistance and readability. Corners are made up of virgin ABS plastic with chrome plating for superior finish and aesthetics, the frame is made up of anodised alloy aluminium for maximum stiffness and paper honeycomb panels are used for the core to ensure extreme flatness and prevent warpage. The Silver/White colour combination makes the boards suitable for use in any environment. So, go ahead and experience the unlimited pleasure of writing on Nechams boards.


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