Portable Interactive Device VP500

Portable Interactive Device VP500

Portable Interactive Whiteboard VP500


Portable Interactive Whiteboard VP500 is the third generation of portable interactive whiteboard which is most advanced and almost integrates all the market’s requirements. It’s smaller and more beautiful with brand new appearance design. What’s more, it breaks up the traditional installation method and can be fixed onto the projector with gum in the bottom of the base. With the ease of auto calibration just plug & play and turn any hard surface into a fully functional Interactive white board system.


A. Optional Wireless Connection
Wireless Connection is realized easily supporting dual-user writing simultaneously
Wired Connection supports 64 users writing simultaneously
B. Various features:
Strong adaptability
Easy installation
Supporting big screen to 150″
Intense light-resistant
C. Various installation ways:
Put on the desk or projectors
Ceiling-mount installation
Installed on the general tripod
D. USB Cable can be extended to 24M (MAX).

E. Modularization solution
Enables other products to integrate interactive function easily.

F. Quickly disassembled
The storage and maintenance are very easy.
G. High response speed
H. Plug and Play
USB interface

Software Features
Split screen
Spot Light, Curtain, Zoom
Screen Capture
Screeen Recording
Capture, Import, export images, videos
annotate, erase, colour shapes,sizes, fonts
stamp,undo, redo,save, print, e-mail etc
Hand writing Recognition
Record & Play Back(Audio & Video)
On screen floating key board
On Board Softkeys
Image Gallery
Various backgrounds