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Modular Desks cum Benches

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NechamsFurn Desks cum Benches and Drawing Tables

NechamsFurn is one of the reputed Institutional & Office furniture brand.
We have a diverse portfolio of Institutional furniture like Engineering Drawing
Tables, Modular Seating Desks, Storage solutions, Chalk Boards etc
We love bringing alive your dream space. We emphasize comfort and aesthetics
while delivering well designed, fun and functional furniture solutions to you.
True to our mission to conserve the environment, we design products, set up
processes and use raw materials that are eco-friendly to do our bit to preserve
natural resources.
We offer our customers Institutional and office furniture, like solutions for Schools,
colleges, Offices, laboratories, hospitals and healthcare establishments, education
and training institutes, auditoriums and stadiums. We are present across India
through our 100+ dealer networks
NechamsFurn is a business unit of Nechams & Co. - a part of the Nechams Group,
one of India’s leading IT, AV and consumer product groups

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AR Modular Desk cum Benches

AR Modular Desk cum Benches(Heavy Duty)

Elegant Single,Dual,Triple,Five seater Desk cum Bench
Durable laminated top,seat & back with rounded or square protected edges for safety
Sturdy Polyester resin coated metallic understructure
Provisions for shelf storage
Hooks for Hanging bags(Optional)
Available in bright colours to stimulate creativity of children
Soft and smooth contrast colours available for College and Professional students
Available in three sizes to cater to different age groups:
6-10,11-14,15 & above
Customized sizes as per customer's requirements also available

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SR Modular Desk cum Benches

SR Modular Desk cum Benches(Economy Model)

SR is a simple yet functional 2 seater Desk-cum-Bench
solution with shelf.
Offering exceptional value, this is ideal for both school
and colleges.
• Integrated table and chair ensures optimum
space utilization and organized classroom
• Ergonomically designed models ensures comfort
for long hours
• Hook to hang bags and bottles and a shelf to
keep books and other necessities

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Diagrams & Dimensions of Desk cum Bench

All dimensions in millimeteres (mm)

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Model D4 (2seater)

Dual desk double shade
model with bag shelve,
2''x1'' heavy pipe
frame, 3ft long model for
two students

(Please note all models, colours
are subject to availability, difference
in colour designs and patterns can
occur in original materials.
All Desks and Benches will be
MODULAR strictly that is fitted with
Bolts, Nuts and Screws and will be
transported in Semi—knocked down
system, the desks will be assembled
only at user site by the help of our
technicians or as per our guidelines
and instructions)
Modular Furniture are easy to transport
handle and use with easy
repair and refurbishing options

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Model D3 (2seater)

Dual desk in yellow without
bag shelve, front iron
mesh, 6 legs
styled frame of 1'' sq
heavy pipe frame, two
students capacity 3ft
long, both side hooks for
hanging bags

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Model D6 (2seater)

Dual desk 2''x1'' heavy
pipe frame dark light
blue top seat, front
covered 2''x1'' section
without back

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Model D8 (2seater)

Dual desk green pista/
shade 2''x1'' heavy pipe
frame without bag
shelve both side
hooks for higher class

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