EM Interactive Board

EM Interactive Board

EMB 80 – Electromagnetic Interactive White Board

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Electromagnetic Technology affordable and low cost Pen Touch Interactive whiteboard solution

Deliver your lessons using EMB 80 Interactive White Board. The EMB 80 is a
large screen helps you deliver compelling lessons in classrooms with many students.
Ideal for whole-class teaching and learning, the EMB 80 offers you outstanding value in a Digital
pen & board based solution

Teach Smart
Connect the EMB 80 to your computer and a
projector, and use the ergonomic pen to
control computer applications and write notes
with effortless precision. The advanced technology
ensures that touching the EMB 80 screen with your hand does not interfere with the pen’s operation.
With a durable hard-laminated 80″ (195.6 cm) screen, the EMB 80 is powered by your computer
through a single USB cable. This installation-friendly interactive whiteboard draws minimal
power and needs no wall plugs.

Experience the quality
The quality standard of the board is reliable, backed with CE, Rohs and ISO 9001 product certification you can be relaxed
with quality. The Interactive Board is easy to use and convenient to handle, its quite hard and robust which makes it ideal
for a classroom whether for a School or a University
With the EMB 80 interactive whiteboard, you’ll enhance the interactivity of your
lessons while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

Key features

EMB 80 interactive whiteboard – Project your computer image on the pen-based display. You can then
control computer applications directly from the display, write notes and save your work to share later.
The EMB 80 interactive whiteboard also comes with feature-rich collaborative learning software.
• EM technology – Experience the magic behind the EMB 80 pen-operated system.
Use the ergonomic pen as a mouse or a writing tool.
• Writing on Other programs – Write over any application, website or video.
• Save function – Capture your work to EMB 80 software as an image that you can edit, or save
notes directly into several software applications, including Windows® versions of Microsoft®
software, or AutoCAD® software, you can play any third party software with EMB 80 Interactive
white board
• Ergonomic pens – Write and control applications easily with either of two ergonomicallydesigned,
battery-operated pens. Each requires AAA battery to operate.
• Wall-mount bracket – Install your EMB 80 interactive whiteboard simply and securely.
• Durable surface – Discover a strong, lightweight solution with a hard-laminated surface
optimized, scratch, damp, rust proof surface
for durability.
• USB cable – Connect the EMB 80 to your computer. There’s no need to power the board from a plug

The EMB 80 Software:
EMB 80 software provides the tools to create and
deliver engaging and interactive lessons across all
grades and subject areas.
• Save files in various formats and e-mail
them to students for review
• Write over moving or paused video, or
record all screen activity as a video