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DOCUMENT VISUALIZER MODEL: P2100specktron_visualizers_p2100.jpgDownload Brochure P2100

The Specktron P2100 is a portable, multifunction device used to scan and display 3D objects, documents and pictures with a touch of single button. It offers users the ability to produce high resolution imagery up to 150dpi at 30 frames per second. Additionally, it features user friendly OCR enabled software- for effortless editing of scanned documents. When not in use, the scanner can be conveniently folded away due to its unique space saving design. The P2100 scanner combines practicality and efficiency in an ultra slim compact device.



DOCUMENT VISUALIZER MODEL: P3100specktron_visualizers_p3100.jpgDownload Brochure P3100
The Specktron P3100 is a feature packed and portable visual document scanner. It offers users the ability to capture high resolution images and even scans and displays 3D objects with superior clarity. The device has the ability to scan up to 280dpi 30 frames per second. The P3100 is also equipped with user friendly OCR software, enabling documents to be instantly searched for any even edited with absolute ease. In addition the device features a3.0 mega pixel CMOS sensor, producing high quality stunning imagery.



DOCUMENT VISUALIZER MODEL: P5100specktron_visualizers_p5100.jpgDownload Brochure P5100

The Specktron P5100 visual scanner is designed with portability and versatility in mind. It displays crystal clear images with the help of 5.0 mega pixel CMOS sensor making it a superior presentation device ideal for all business and education environments. Additionally, P5100 features high resolution scanning up to 350dpi as well as the ability to scan 3D objects and documents to aid in the development of exceptional presentation material. Accompanying software is user friendly and OCR enabled, allowing for trouble free editing of scanned documents.